Gym Membership

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A gym membership can be a huge commitment. At City Athletix, we understand that making a decision to feel better about yourself, may seem hard at first. Realistically, a 1-hour workout is only 4 percent of your entire day. Engaging in the same activity for 20 days or more creates a habit. Many individuals will start to feel the difference once this occurs. Furthermore, 90 days of working out or more is when you will see a physical difference. The health benefits of exercise include: lowering blood pressure, having less stress, boosting your immune system, building bone mass, increasing your muscle mass, improving your breathing, sleeping better, having a better mood and more. You won’t find a vibe and atmosphere this awesome, anywhere else. Memberships start as low as $59 a month.

Later becomes never, so why not start feeling great? Our friendly staff is here to answer questions you have on the way to creating a healthier you. Call (213) 292-4700 or email Get started on your life changing gym membership today.

The truest success is but the development of self.” – Charles Atlas